Of late, Michael Bloomberg is one of the big stories in the run for the White House, as he has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy his way onto the polls with close to no actual campaigning. But …..

It is glaringly obvious that the majority of Democrats do no not want Bernie Sanders as their party’s nominee. This is not the same thing as simply being supportive of another candidate. These anti-Bernie Democrats see disaster in November with …..

Been a terrible week for the country but….back in October of 2018, I wrote about Senator Amy Klobuchar, beseeching her to run. A month later, in November of that year, I published an insightful quote from the astute Ross Douthat of the …..

As the world knows by now, Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. But his death, as absolutely tragic as it is, does not come close to to what he had to endure emotionally and spiritually in those last …..

As the Republicans conduct a sham trial, there is no more blue sky hope for any of the party’s senators. The majority of the country wants something that, I guess, is radical for the GOP…witnesses in a trial. Think about …..

My earliest recollection of magic was as a child at Christmas. As much as I loved the expectation of what I was going to receive in gifts (likely more than the reality), what I liked even more was the magic, …..

Moral relativism has taken control in this country. Moral relativism is anti-American, to say nothing of being immoral and unethical, …..

Cadet Bone Spurs found a way through his “bone spurs” many years ago to escape military duty. I don’t blame him for being scared; it’s a natural emotion when you might be placed in harm’s way. But his lack of …..