Being a lifelong White Sox fan, after having also been a fan of that other Chicago team as a kid but departing the friendly confines in the early ’70s, readers might think I’m trying to be snarky here by welcoming …..

Let me begin by stating that I have enough faith in America that come 2021 we will have someone new occupying the White House. I figure the bankruptcy expert lost by 3-million votes in 2016 and just who is going …..

Last week I went to a solemn mass, one in which the story of Jesus being crucified is laid out in agonizing detail, from his best of friends and supporters denying they even knew him to the excruciating physical pain …..

Throughout these past two years, especially now when his administration has imploded with “D”-listers taking over from either convicted felons or the rare talented, ethical and patriotic souls who left in bitter disgust, so many have tried to call out …..