With less than ten days until Trump’s term is over and he exits the White House, it seems scores of Democratic politicians want to impeach him. This is insanity. First, at best, impeachment would only be a symbolic action; there …..

Until today, I had not published a story since November 18th. After four years of my continuing shock that tens of millions of Americans would back such a transparently unethical, unAmerican despot wannabe, when he lost the election, the adrenaline …..

Out of the five states not yet called – Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania – Biden is the odds-on favorite to win in each except North Carolina. This would push Biden’s electoral vote count to 306, as his …..

How does a self-professed follower of Christ allow herself to be the antithesis of Jesus’s life? Easy. She really isn’t a true follower of Jesus. She has used Jesus’s life when it was convenient, and admirably so. But when the …..

In 1968, Hubert Humphrey was many times derided for being an optimistic leader…”the Happy Warrior.” 1968. 1968, a year when Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were gunned down; a year when the war in Vietnam continued, costing tens …..

There is only (Kristi) Noem doubt about it that South Dakota is getting pummeled by Covid-19. According to the Associated Press, South Dakota had a record-breaking number of Covid-19 deaths in the month of September with 56. But that record looks like it’s …..

With the final day of voting just weeks away, Trump is getting crushed in the polls. There is now a much greater probability for a Biden landslide than there is for a Trump victory. Likewise, after his bombastic performance in …..

Many years ago, as I was pursing my undergraduate degree at a Jesuit university with a major in Theology, one of the earliest and most prominent lessons taught was that concerning situational ethics. In simplest terms, it’s pretty much that …..