Job Well Done

Edward Snowden. If nothing else, the NSA leaker was a catalyst for even more partisan hypocrisy, as if we needed more. Some Democrats, who will go nameless, were falling over themselves trying to split hairs between the current president’s national eavesdropping policy with what finally evolved on his predecessor’s watch. (Do you think President Obama has ever called former President Bush to say, I’m sorry for all those vitriolic statements I made about you and your handling of national security? It would be the classy thing to do, so there’s a shot he’ll do that someday.) And suddenly some of the Republicans reversed course as they were just outraged by the surveillance. Outraged, I tell you.

So it’s such a relief when calmer, saner, wiser voices are heard above the din, as in this piece by Michael Gerson, former W. speechwriter and now columnist for The Washington Post.

What Tom Friedman wrote in The New York Times about the NSA and Snowden reinforces the glaring point made by the public’s reaction to the Boston bombing. We as a country are unprepared emotionally to handle terrorism. Two less than professional terrorists shut down the city of Boston. It took four days and hundreds of law enforcement officials, from the Boston PD to the FBI, to capture Dzhokar Tsarnaev. I never quite understood all the allusions by media and citizens alike to

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