Now, she’s the problem

Maybe we care about this because it’s New York. We love aspects and certain people of New York. But we also know if you want to see totally self-obsessed, arrogant, narcissistic jerks in politics, you have found the epicenter. Think Elliott Spitzer talking a great game against the bad guys on Wall Street but never doing much more than talk. Think of Elliott in his black knee-socks cavorting with a nubile prostitiute, getting caught and then hauling his wife out to a press conference for his essential apology if he ever had hopes of getting back into politics. Class. Real class, Elliott.

Now, we have Anthony Weiner being outed for having continued on with his sexual escapades even after he resigned from Congress because of them. (And this guy’s running for mayor.) Upon his resignation, people outside of politics got to know his beautiful, intelligent and accomplished wife, Huma Abedin, she of the close connection with Hillary — now we find out, in more ways than one. I agree with her that their marriage is their business. But she would be wrong in thinking that her opinion is the one that matters when it comes to the mayoral election. She may decide for herself that it’s ok to be with a cheat, a liar..and during at least some of her pregnancy and after he had sworn off his past to her. But New Yorkers don’t strike me as enablers. Extremely sad to say, Huma is one.

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