Today House Speaker John Boehner requested that President Obama come to Congress and explain his thinking on Syria. Knowingly or not, the Ohio Republican provided the perfect opening for the president, even forgetting about the fact that the commander in …..

Ok, planet olios is incredibly biased about this film. But planet olios is always the toughest critic of those it loves. Possibly coming to a theatre near you….

Syria. Now that it seems that Assad did indeed use chemical weapons, United States Secretary of State Kerry has stated that this is a “moral obscenity” and the Syrian government will be held accountable. And it is true — if …..

Microsoft stock soars over 7%! If you’re Steve Ballmer, I’m not sure it’s exactly the best feeling in the world to see how shareholders are rejoicing upon the news of retirement. Then again, being a major shareholder, his net worth …..

Ok, maybe this doesn’t exactly qualify to be a center-column, above-the-fold news story. Then again, maybe it does. Either way, a reminder that Mother Earth and her creatures will never cease to amaze. A fascinating read…

It has been a most disturbing week in Egypt. Possibly the best spin is that transitions to a freer society, a more representative government take time and are painful, as we are reminded when looking at the history of the …..

In the dash through websites this morning, I came across this headline from “Bill Daley blasts Quinn on cronyism, won’t discuss hiring under brother.” (In case you’re interested in reading the full article, though there’s no real need — …..

Even though mortgage rates have spiked recently, they are still very low in historical terms. In part, these low rates have assisted a rebound from the abyss in housing. But it should be noted most markets are still off their …..