Dems Think GOP Rocks

This has not started out as such a good day for the GOP. When Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post calls a small but vocal minority of the Republcan party, “nuts”, Democrats have just got to be breaking into wide smiles. The mid-term elections are just about a year away and now the thought of the Democrats taking back the House has gone from almost unfathomable to very possible. Krauthammer provides his take.

But the Republican dismay today doesn’t stop with Krauthammer. Another Washington Post columnist and former speachwriter for W, Michael Gerson, compares Texas Senator Ted Cruz to Custer. Maybe it’s just me but that can’t be good. And the dance downward will likely continue as Cruz, no doubt, will come back to his targeted audience decrying Gerson’s words as heretical.

What is so ironic about the downward spiral of the Republicans is that the exact opposite should have materialized. This is a center-right country. c-e-n-t-e-r. r-i-g-h-t. Not one. Both.

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