Bill Daley. With a straight face. Really.

In the dash through websites this morning, I came across this headline from “Bill Daley blasts Quinn on cronyism, won’t discuss hiring under brother.” (In case you’re interested in reading the full article, though there’s no real need — the headline says it all… Point of reference: Daley, for some reason, wants Quinn’s job as the governor of the failed state known as Illinois.

Daley’s cronyism comment is rich. He is the son of the late patronage king, Richard J., and the brother of patronange prince, Richard M. Bill Daley, himself, has been a political insider since he was a gleam in his father’s eye. It’s just the way it is in Chicago, if not most major cities, and always has been. It’s not even a question. The fact that Daley would even mention cronyism shows his reservoir of ideas may be going bankrupt, which is fitting for a state doing the same.

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