Follow the Money, Follow the Boomers

Throughout the past fifty or so years of advertising and marketing it’s always been about the 18 – 34 age demographic. The premise: Even though members of this age group didn’t have the money for great purchasing power, someday they would and they hadn’t chosen their brands yet. Hook ’em young and you’ll have them for life. Of course, this thinking emanated from the Boomers, who just happened to be in this age demographic — remember, Boomers always feel as if they are a good twenty years younger than they really are. So now even the youngest Boomers with their bonus twenty years are easing beyond the revered younger demographic, though easing may not exactly be the right term to use. This exit by the Boomers from the exalted age demographic can mean only one thing — it’s not going to be so exalted anymore. Which provides a tremendous investment opportunity.

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