NFL Killing American Dream?

The story of ever-increasing income inequality inevitably has led to a growing perecentage of the population feeling the American Dream no longer exists for them.

Nowhere is income inequality more prevalent than in the powers that be who run the NFL. Do you realize its commissioner makes $30 million working for what the IRS allows to be classified as a non-profit and which has had literally billions of dollars in hand-outs from government?

Of course, the NFL by itself can’t kill the American Dream. But a society in which an NFL can exist the way it does has effectively killed the American Dream for a growing number of people. Tragically ironic is that the NFL, if practicing genuine capatalism without heaping portions of pork and cronyism, would be doing just fine. But there seems to be no moral compass for NFL officials, owners and the politicians who pay their ransoms to limit the excessive greed that comes from — guess who?

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