The big news in the cable world this week was that Al-Jazeera America will be expanding its reach by an estimated ten million homes via Time Warner carriage. However, the Qatar government-owned news network has an anemic audience. So …..

Women in Saudi Arabia are taking to the streets, literally, as they try to push past the ban on their driving. Though threatened by some government offficials with arrest or ticketing (welcome to the club!), women have not been deterred. …..

A few things dawned on me as I was listening to the latest tout on some financial news network talk about impending doom in the markets. First, I realized what makes a market efficient is the plethora of voices. This …..

Pope Francis has proven again that his words are being matched by his actions. There has always been a disconnect with the extravagant spending by some in power positions of the Catholic Church and the needs of the financially impoverished …..

The story linked from The New York Times details what could be a $13 billion settlement between JPMorgan Chase and the Justice Department. I guess the best news from this would be that $4 billion of the money would actually …..

I guess we can’t get lower in the polls. We’re down to blood relatives and paid staffers now. Senator John McCain Geez, the debt limit clocks are furiously clicking down on all the cable news shows. Some Republicans are still …..