Katrina: W.’s Obamacare

I’m not sure how much worse this can get. Before and after the president’s news conference, I made visits to healtcare.gov and tried to create an account…..eight times. No luck. Just one story, but mixed with the anemic numbers put out today by the White House, one begins to think there is simply no way this system will be operating, much less smoothly, before later next year.

The news conference may have been the low point of Obama’s presidency. There just was no good news. This transitioned from being the president’s Katrina to Katrina looking like W.’s Obamacare. After all, Katrina was a massive natural disaster in a city with a dysfunctional mayor and some unhinged, overmatched state politicians as well. But the president and his key staff had forever to prepare for the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act. So now the Gotcha politics is in full force, this time with an actual rationale. But it never makes the country better, just as was the case with the vitriol aimed at Bush after Katrina. Maybe we can be heartened that in the end New Orleans was rejuvenated like no other city has ever been. Maybe President Obama will use this moment to make certain healthcare will be gained and never lost by those most in need of it. Then this whole mess would have been worth it.

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