Either President Obama isn’t anywhere near as intelligent as we think or he lied about individuals being able to keep their health plans. Since we know he is extremely intelligent and aware, this leaves the latter possibility as the only …..


As a record year for the stock market comes to a close, it seems the perfect time to take a shot at who might be some of the big losers next year. That said, the overall market still has legs….I …..

The Ireland-born Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, has had substantive credibility as a most engaged spokesperson and activist against genocide. Her book, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, won the Pulitzer Prize. …..

It’s been a banner past few years for farmers, but as Bloomberg.com reports, that is beginning to change. What’s not known at this time is the degree of the drop…a necessary correction to bubble-like prices or a bust. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-17/corn-plummeting-spurs-talk-of-80s-u-s-farmland-bust-mortgages.html

It seems since coming back from leave David Brooks has a different tone. Maybe better put, part of his tone that had been somewhat dormant has emerged as dominant. And there seems to be a fight going on here. His …..


Though other cities have their corruption, such as the banana republic of Miami — yeah, how’s that Marlin Park working out?, this story stikes me as just so Chicago. Somewhere Mike Royko is feverishly typing away in between deep drags …..

According to a story earlier this year on National Public Radio, the suicide rate in the U.S. surpassed the number of deaths from auto accidents. But it is still a story that’s largely off the radar, especially when considering the …..