A Game Even Better Than The Hype

Professional sports, with its gypsy millionaires and its publicly-financed billionaires, has squeezed much of the pure enjoyment from the games. I mean, how can relatively sane adults suspend reality to think “their team” is something other than another generic corporation? Likewise, college sports is also big business. Huge business perpetrating a major charade, if not fraud, with its “student athletes” producing billions in revenues.

But every now and then the essence of the game transcends what has become a system gone terribly wrong. And so it was with yesterday’s so-called Iron Bowl, pitting undefeated No.1 Alabama against No. 4 Auburn. This is just about as good as a football game gets and the ending is as good as it gets, especially when considering a national championship was in the balance. And if you’re a sports fan, there’s simply nothing like hearing the call of the local annoucer as his team performs the miraculous. Enjoy.


As an added treat: two Golden Oldies from college football.

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