A lie is a lie is a lie…sometimes

Either President Obama isn’t anywhere near as intelligent as we think or he lied about individuals being able to keep their health plans. Since we know he is extremely intelligent and aware, this leaves the latter possibility as the only possibility. Even if he did all the contortions presidents do to achieve deniability, in spirit, he still lied. And, good for him.

The bottom line: presidents have to take a hit and lie when the final goal is simply too important. In this case, it was likely the only way he was ever going to keep Obamacare afloat. Even if you think Obamacare is the worst thing in the history of the country, the president feels the exact opposite. Right or wrong, his better angels tell him that Obamacare will help people desperately in need and underserved. This is one of those rare situations where a president lied in an attempt to do the right thing. There was absolutely no political gain in his lying, quite the opposite.

The same can’t be said for Susan Rice and/or Hillary Clinton regarding Benghazi. It doesn’t matter to Rice anymore. She has already lost out on her political post of a lifetime. There is no more upward mobility in the future for Ms. Rice. With her sponsor out of office in 2017, her days in government will be over. But with Hillary the opposite is true. As secretary of state, though she sure did travel a lot, her accomplishments were rather thin. But at least there were no major mistakes….until Benghazi.

Watching Susan Rice explain that Hillary was too exhausted to go on the Sunday morning news shows after the attack my visceral reaction was that Rice was taking the bullet for Hillary. After all, if a secretary of state isn’t going to be front and center when an American ambassador is killed, when is she/he ever going to be front and center? This just struck me as so…so Clintonesque. Politics when there should be none.

This was my visceral reaction. Maybe there’s a more innocent explanation. But what’s troubling is that the current secretary of state John Kerry has been receiving great praise for taking risks. First, that’s his job. Second, it’s instructive to know that this is the last post he’ll ever hold in politics. The takeaway is that a politician has to have nothing to lose, nothing at stake, to do his or her job properly and honestly. If Hillary didn’t because of 2016, it is the worst lie of all.

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