Iraq’s not going away

The “PBS NewsHour” lists the names and ages and displays photos of those American men and women who have lost their lives serving their country in the military. It is always deeply sad and sobering. Almost all are young, some very much so. What could be worth this ultimate sacrifice? Surely this is what many Americans have come to answer with not anything outside our borders. And even the most internationalist of Americans surely have their doubts about foreign intervention reinforced with every young face on the television marking another son or daughter never coming home again.

Still, one wonders just who will fill the vacuum when the U.S. troops leave. It’s usually not a good answer, as the story from The Washington Post details. It seems most of us accept, if not embrace, the global reality of the economy. We’re all interconnected. Sometimes this reality gets lost with the pain and the carnage from poverty and war in other parts of the world. These don’t go away when we choose to be oblivious. They likely deepen and expand.

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