Entitlements: Big Business Style

It’s been well documented how a business with $10 billion in annual revenue known as the NFL somehow gets to classify itself as a non-profit while its commissioner takes home a $44 million paycheck. From sea to shining sea, pro sports have been the beneficiaries of billions of dollars in tax breaks and handouts. This latest story is out of Broward County in south Florida, about a half-hour away from the theft of $1.2 billion known as Marlins Stadium. That’s what it cost taxpayers to build a stadium that no one goes to. Out of thirty teams, Marlins rank #29 in attendance.

Meanwhile, in Broward County, that iconic hockey team of the Florida Panthers can’t seem to make a go of it. Its millionaire CEO Michael Yormark says, though non-hockey events are profitable at the arena, hockey produces $30 million in losses. Now, if you’re the Broward County commissioners, you would think this was an insane deal in the first place that brought ice hockey to the suburban swamp and to run away from it. It was a bad idea. Cut your losses. Businesses go under sometimes. This, of course, would make too much sense.


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