McCain Being McCain, Thankfully

It’s McCain being McCain, as he calls his party to account for its tepid support of Ukranians. As McCain tends to be too robust militarily at times, the Obama foreign policy seems to be on a precipice. Libya was a tragic debacle with no accountability. Syria has basically squandered a generation of children as the years-long conflict eliminates any form of stability and most education. Where will they go? What will happen to the children of Syria? Does anyone feel Iran is truly less likely to become a nuclear power? What was once one of the more promising Muslim countries, Turkey, is in deep turmoil as it and its prime minister seem to be regressing. North Korea is, well, North Korea. And those darned Israelis and Plaestinians are, well, those darned Israelis and Palestinians.

As the people of the United States and President Obama wanted Kumbaya in the world, no one else was listening. Words don’t cut it with a Putin, with an Assad, with an Erdogan. And what about everyone’s favorite leader, Kim Jong-un?

All the ills of the world can’t be placed on President Obama’s shoulders. It’s not exactly like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been handled any better by other administrations. And it’s not suggested here that the United States has so much power that it can comprehensively impact other countries’ politics and societies. But the United States has a better story to tell than most. When it retreats from leadership, the world is not a better place.

McCain’s op-ed…

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