Not the best of days

Today is one of those days when a lot of steam seemed to run out….everywhere.

The “big news” that the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are crumbling is just so not surprising. Not long ago, not sure what form of medicinal marijuana they were sampling, some in-the-know columnists opined how Secretary of State John Kerry was being brave as he tried to broker a deal between the Hatfields and McCoys of the Middle East and that this time it might have a different outcome. John Kerry was brave when he fought in Vietnam. But doing his job as Secretary of State doesn’t qualify him for a medal. And I for one am extremely tired of reading stories about politicians and their legacies. People live or die, societies prosper or wither because of decisions polticians make. I really don’t care if politicians will be written up all nice and cuddly by historians of the future.

On a lighter note of steam-easing, David Letterman said tonight that he’ll be retiring in 2015. It is time. Still, twenty years ago he was a must-watch. Yes, I know Leno’s numbers were better but Letterman was a force, somehow more a part of how we feel and live. I’m not sure he ever made me really laugh all that much. But he kept me interested. Maybe that’s more important.

Lastly, an indelibly sad note. A patriot of the United States, an Iraq War veteran, Ivan Lopez killed three people, wounded numerous others and then killed himself at Fort Hood in Texas. There are already stories criticizing the security at the base. But here’s all I know. If someone is so depressed and despondent to the point of suicide and bent on creating carnage, these tragedies are unavoidable. So let’s stop the criticism and provide more resources for mental health and for the victims of war.

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