If you’ve been in the market you likely are very happy with your returns. What you probably don’t know is that these returns could have been higher if you used certain brokers to execute your trades. Many individuals spend precious …..

Songwriter Gerry Goffin died this past week at the age of 75. If there can be a pop sound of the ’60s, he along with his then-wife Carole King would surely have to be considered as some of its key …..

The fact that the Cheneys weren’t embraced with open arms on Fox News illustrates the most encouraging development about the mess in Iraq: there is an acknowledgement that this crisis is simply too important to play politics. The blame game …..

For those, like yours truly, who love the inside baseball of politics, Eric Cator’s defeat was a stunner. In this endlessly analyzed and polled world of politics, it truly is amazing that just about everyone missed this. It’s also amazing …..