We want…Mitt?

According to a recent poll, we American voters think Barack Obama is like the worst president ever and Mitt should have been elected and then immortalized on Mount Rushmore. And they still let us vote every election.

A little reality therapy. Obama’s foreign policy has, well, never really been a policy. It’s as if he knows there are no answers so why even try to have initiatives. I think that has made the world a more dangerous place and has the possibility of entrenching violent, bigoted, anti-women groups. Likewise, it is almost impossible to point to a foreign policy success. (It will be interesting to see how Hillary spins this for 2016, but that’s a story for another day.) So President Obama does not get passing grades in foreign policy. But since when did Americans care about foreign policy? It’s the economy, stupid.

And to this point, what are we Americans thinking? Granted, the clawing back from the financial abyss has been slow and grinding but it is happening. In relative terms, the U.S. is the shining beacon on the hill economically compared to the rest of the world. With today’s good job figures, unemployment has dropped to 6.1%. Real estate values have come back but not in a bubbly way. The stock market has risen over 10,000 points, as it has just eclipsed the 17,000. Have you looked at your 401k or IRA lately? Excluding the weather-related first quarter blip, the economy continues to grow. The picture is not uniformly rosy. Many people are still unemployed and even more under-employed. Still, on balance, the improvement from early 2009 has been dramatic.

Immigration. Obama and most Republicans are on the right side of history on this one. Contrast this with Mitt’s appeasement of the far right with his voluntary exit policy. This is either incredibly ignorant or incredibly unprincipled. Take your pick, but presidential it is not.


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