Gay by birth, by choice: Does it matter?

I have started to rethink the rationale many use for allowing gay marriage. This rationale simply put is that being gay is not a choice and therefore gays should not be penalized for something they didn’t choose. Thus, they should be able to marry. Even though this result of such a rationale frees indivduals to marry whom they want to marry, this rationale also strikes me as extremely flawed.

First, let’s take the case of an individual who says she/he chose to be with a partner of the same sex. Should they be in a separate category of gay that would not have the same rights as an individual who felt they were born gay? Isn’t that completely absurd?

Second, isn’t it condescending and judgmental as hell to say to someone, in effect, we’ll allow you to do something because you can’t help it? This is absurd as well.

Lastly, as a society, do we really want to say that being born with a predisposition absolutely guarantees the right for that individual to act upon that predisposition? This is equally absurd. As human beings, we can be born with some wonderful predispositions and some horrific ones.

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