Can we be post-everything?

I had written about a thousand words for a story that was going to respond to those who thought us naive to think that Barack Obama could usher in some post-racial era in America. My thesis was that the post-racial era had begun well before Obama, that he was a result rather than a cause of post-racial America. Further, if you were under 40 years of age or living in a big city, race and ethnicity and sexual preference just weren’t on the radar.

I was going to recount how my Polish Mom in 1948 had done what no one in her circle of family or friends had done by marrying an Irish man, my Dad. And then to think of today when it would be laughable to even consider this an issue, a question.

I was going to write about my adoptive home in south Florida, where I as a white man have been a minority from the very first day I arrived but truly never noticed or cared. Possibly, not too unlike my parents, I married a woman from Cuba and she married a man from the States. And I would see that Hispanics were no more a monolithic group than Europeans were.

I would listen to my liberal friends and family members speaking of how they chose to live in diverse neighborhoods and thought just how ’60s that was. Surely that time was over.

But just before I published my story, I (fortunately) saw the following report from one of the finest journalists on the planet, Gwen Ifill. And I was reminded, in the immortal words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, that we are all entitled to our opinion but not our own set of facts.

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