This was a depressing day for those of us who think Stephen Colbert is independently and brilliantly funny in his satire. Hillary’s skit on his show was neither satire nor funny. Likewise, his credibility as being fully independent, as evidenced by his poking holes in politicians’ personas, took a hit when he agreed, implicitly or explicitly, with the Clinton camp to do this p.r. fluff. Imagine how much more fun Mr. Colbert would have had if instead he referred to her “radical candor” about marijuana, which was…<drum roll>… wait and see. He also could have handed over a twenty or commenced a telethon as his contribution to keeping the Clintons out of poverty.

Colbert gets to be any way he wants. And even though the Republicans have been the leaders of late in pomposity, lying and ignorance, they haven’t come close to cornering the market. Just hope Colbert remembers this or the next twenty-seven months are going to seem like an eternity.

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