Is the time now?

It is difficult to judge if the world has entered an especially dangerous era compared to other times of crisis. We Americans are largely untouched by the horrors of conflicts that play out every day across the world and we seem to have no appetite for U.S. military involvement in these conflicts. It’s almost as if we don’t acknowledge the atrocities, somewhat like the child hiding his head under the pillow from intruders, they won’t exist.

I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again. This country would be crippled if it had to endure a tiny fraction of what’s taking place in a Syria, in an Iraq, in a Gaza, even in an Israel. Boston was shut down by two pressure cooker bombs. Do we even have to detail how one day of terrorism in this country irrevocably damaged us? But we seem so detached as the world burns. ISIS may change us.

ISIS is as evil as Hitler was and completely indiscriminate in its killing. At what point do we acknowledge that evil gone unchecked is a direct threat to all of the world? Both sides of the aisle have come to this realization, even if the people they serve have not.

john kerry mccain and graham

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