Hey, Apple, why not make a genuinely big announcement?

If you go to the Apple website , you’ll see a clock ticking down to the next big announcement. It’s likely about a new iPhone, a wearable device and the thrill of further utilizing your phone as a credit card. Big deal.

But if Apple wanted to be truly transformative, a genuine leader beyond the Steve Jobs’ era, they would look at “Alive Inside” and make what would be a modest donation when you consider its profit was $37 billion last year. You see, “Alive Inside” is a movie that chronicles the magical use of the iPod in transforming the lives of elders. Though thousands more than just a few years ago, the vast majority of elders suffering from dementia still have no access to iPods and the transforming music it can deliver.

Let’s say that number of impacted elders is 5,000,000 and that the retail price for an iPod is $50. That’s $250 million, retail. $250 million of $37 billion is 2/3 of a percent! Come on, Tim Cook. Step up.

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