This is an exceptional piece on Ebola by The New York Times . So few news organizations have the resources in terms of money, talent and institutional will to do this quality of reporting. I realize The New York Times is loathed by some on the right and one can argue that …..

When we think of what it is to be human, when we think of that which has most positively and deeply impacted our lives, it revolves around our connection to others. In a word, we think of love. And love, …..

“Be well.” Too intimate and personal of words to be robotically uttered by a Walgreen’s sales clerk, especially after she just tried to upsell you at the check-out counter. Or who came up with the greeting Humana’s telemarketing reps are …..

I’m conflicted on this one. I think a president gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to foreign policy. We can all sit in our arm chairs, safely nestled away from the real facts and the very real …..

With less than a month to go and polls seemingly switching every nanosecond, normally I’d be zoned in on the elections. But I am not. This whole process and our government have become so degraded over the past decade, you’d …..