Politics, not as usual

With less than a month to go and polls seemingly switching every nanosecond, normally I’d be zoned in on the elections. But I am not. This whole process and our government have become so degraded over the past decade, you’d have to be smoking or ingesting some of that seriously potent Colorado weed to believe this election has any meaning or significance.

In my adoptive state of Florida we have a governor named Rick Scott who likely made his millions legally by the letter of the law but doubtfully by the spirit of the law. How many times can you plead the fifth? More importantly, he has chosen to be calloused to the neediest of Floridians and their health by not accepting additional Medicaid funds. Oh, almost forgot, Scott began to make his fortune as a boss in, you guessed it, healthcare. He was the CEO of the for-profit Columbia/HCA. This company admitted to fourteen felonies, some in reference to its Medicare billing.

Isn’t there something just precious about this guy? He heads a company that makes millions from government payments. But legal reimbursement isn’t enough profit for his company. Felonies follow. Scott escapes, becomes venture capitalist and then governor. Is there a difference between the two? And then, as governor, he rejects government money that would help those in poverty receive healthcare. Class act.

As so you would think any opponent of someone like Scott would win in a walk. And you would be wrong. One of the emptiest of empty politicians, and that’s saying something, is Scott’s opponent, Charlie Crist. I really don’t care that he switched parties — Republican to Democrat. But the switch sure seems to have been an indicator that he stands for…well, it’s almost impossible to tell.

But the governor’s race in Florida is but one statewide race and doesn’t possess the ever-important magnitude of which party will control the United States Senate. Evevy single minute of every single hour of every single day we see stories spewing out the latest polls. Early on it seemed the Democrats would hold its majority. Then it seemed the Republicans came on and it was all but inevitable they would take control of the Senate. But wait! It now seems the GOP has begun to lose ground and the Democrats….

Oh, let it go! In the immortal words of Bill Murray in “Meatballs”, “It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter!”

If the Democrats hold their majority, the Republican-controlled House isn’t going to allow anything to actually get done. If the Republicans win, the President will veto anything they send over. And guess what? In another two years it will be the Republicans having to defend twenty-four of its Senate seats compared to just ten for the Democrats. And so we will do this all over again. Just shoot me.

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