Patriotic Rivals

I’m conflicted on this one. I think a president gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to foreign policy. We can all sit in our arm chairs, safely nestled away from the real facts and the very real dangers.

I felt this way with W in his proactive moves when the vitriol was ever present from his many critics. And I have felt this way with Barack Obama when his reactive stance has been vilified.

I also believe a president deserves loyalty from those he has allowed into his inner circle. The job is tough enough without having to be concerned if those supposedly covering your back end up stabbing it.

But when true statesmen who are former Secretaries of Defense call out the man they served you simply have to take special notice. Robert Gates and Leon Panetta have each published their memoirs this year and each has major issues with the way the president conducts his foreign policy. These are not fringe players trying to make a buck. These are patriots in the truest sense of the term and they are concerned, very concerned about what they perceive to be our president’s detachment.

Who’s right? In this complex world, can anyone be totally right? Again, this is why I would lean toward being unified as a country in support of the president in his foreign policy moves. But the gnawing feeling I have is that our professorial president is trying to understand evil in the hope of solving it when what’s truly needed is a massive effort to destroy it.

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