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I was genuinely looking forward to reading “41: A Portrait of My Father.” But about halfway through the book I couldn’t escape just what a flat read it was. This likely reflects one of the greater weaknesses of …..

You may have noticed that President Obama addressed the nation yesterday in primetime. Something to do about immigration. Guess it directly impacts about ten million among us. Indirectly? How about everyone of us? And yet the so-called Big 3 networks …..

It seems that banks are at it again. Better put, maybe they never stopped. Personal bankruptcy is usually a devastating experience for an individual, emotionally and financially. But there is at least one benefit: your debts are discharged. Now, in …..

  Back in July I had written about how it would be wise for the Republican Party in 2016 to look toward Ohio, not only for its essential electoral votes, but also …..

election-cartoons-05-ss Unless you’re someone like Chuck Todd, you either have no interest in this mid-term election or are completely disgusted by it. If you don’t know who Chuck Todd is, this further illustrates how the Sunday morning news programs on network …..