One Sorry Election

election-cartoons-05-ssUnless you’re someone like Chuck Todd, you either have no interest in this mid-term election or are completely disgusted by it. If you don’t know who Chuck Todd is, this further illustrates how the Sunday morning news programs on network television are increasingly irrelevant to anyone outside of Washington. And this, in a nutshell, is why this election has almost nothing to do with the real concerns of the general public. It’s all about the inside baseball of the Beltway.

Our political process has become so skewed that it mainly produces senators, congressmen and governors, who consumed by wanting to be elected beyond all else are myopic in vision and therefore small. Look at Kentucky. You have an old white guy from the south whose primary motivation was having the first black president fail. But it gets worse. You have a somewhat intellectually challenged Democrat who wouldn’t admit she voted for that first black president. Now there’s a profile in courage that we can pass onto our children.

It’s no better in statewide elections. Case in point: Florida. You have a multi-millionaire Repubican governor who made his fortune in healthcare now denying healthcare to the impoverished of the state. It is so rich in irony that his former company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud as he pleaded the fifth 75 times. And so you would think it would be a slam dunk for the Democrat to win. But the Democrat effectively stands for nothing. He has been on both sides of major issues; no conviction except for his drive to be elected. We all expect ego and ambition from politicians. But there should be at least a scintella of statesmanship to counter their self-obsession.

It seems our politicians act out the worst qualities of the electorate. Are we going to be like spoiled children and demand our way all the time or we’ll blow up the country on principle? Or are we gong to be grown-ups and work together constructively? What the politicians are saying to us is that we’re the former.

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