The Next President?


Back in July I had written about how it would be wise for the Republican Party in 2016 to look toward Ohio, not only for its essential electoral votes, but also for one of its favorite sons as a presidential or vice presidential candidate. But even I was surprised by the magnitude of victory for Governor John Kasich. Not only did he win 64% of the vote, he received 60% of the women vote, a majority of union workers and 25% of the African American vote.

Suddenly some of the most influential media are taking notice, from The Economist to The Washington Post. And they should.

Imagine 2016. The Democrats have no choice. It’s Hillary and likely a young Hispanic or African American running mate, which will make Hillary seem even older and less vibrant than she already does today. And Bill, though loved now out of nostalgia for a time long ago, has dramatically aged. The optics for the final stretch of the 2016 campaign could be crushing for the Democrats, if….. Kasich is the GOP presidential candidate and possibly New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte is his running mate.

Kasich has boundless energy and enthusiasm and an open, positive approach to governing. (To say nothing about the inside baseball of politics in which winning Ohio likely wins the elction. Do you think Ohioans will vote for their own governor or Hillary?) Ayotte, a 46-year-old mom, former attorney general and now a U.S. senator on the Senate Armed Services Committee is strong on foreign policy without the baggage of Benghazi. Likewise, Americans tend to vote aspirationally for president. We want our president to have, as the elder Bush used to say, that vision thing. Remember the “audacity of hope” and “a shining city on a hill”? Exactly what vision could Hillary possibly have that she somehow couldn’t capture in 635 pages?

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