Academic freedom..unless different

It’s a sad day for the free exchange of ideas at Michigan State University.

The whole point of education, of debate, of America is to have the freedom to have your own opinion and not have it shut down. It is not up to the liberals to decide if conservatives are unfit to speak. It is not up to conservatives to do the same to liberals.

If the conservatives can look foolish because of the Sarah Palins and Ted Cruzes of the world, liberals look possibly worse in Academia’s rejection of conservative thought. Why? Because the far right almost takes delight in their myopia. But the liberals think they’re just so intelligent and open-minded. Really?

George Will, like him or hate him, is brilliant. Disagree with his conclusions. Debate his logic. But you shut him down, you shut down one of the great thinkers in American history. You know, there really isn’t an abundance of great thinking in America. Just look at MSU.


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