What’s in a legacy?

It seems most stories now written about President Obama refer to his legacy. It’s as if the horrific events around the world are little more than props for him to build, or not, this legacy. But the legacy trap didn’t start nor will it end with Obama. One can only hope he’s more concerned about the lives and welfare of people than he is in bolstering his ego, which is not insignificant. But certain members of the media need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they’re journalists or playwrights.

Last I checked the Middle East is imploding. What was once downplayed by the Obama administration has been shown to be both deep and expansive with few answers in sight. There have been references by this administration that, yes, terrorism is bad but it doesn’t equate, for instance, with the existential threat of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. They’re right. It’s not equal. Today is far worse.

There were some rules, some semblence of humanity, between these two superpowers. Both are nonexistent with radical Islam. This country had just one major terrorist attack and it shut us down. The Boston Marathon bombing put the city in lockdown. The point is simple. If terrorists get just a little more proficient, American society will become a mere remnant of itself. Everyone and everything will be monitored. We will be fearful of those unlike us. Freedom and creativity will be considered luxuries of the past. The economy will plummet. As if this weren’t bad enough, the universal beacon this country has been for hundreds of millions striving for liberty will no longer shine.

And so I don’t really care about this president’s legacy or any other politician’s for that matter. There are infinitely more important issues facing the world.

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