We seem to be so very taken by ourselves and the technological advances of the day. But so much of what is reality today isn’t much different from a bygone era. The scope has obviously expanded. But, in essence, the …..

Fifty, sixty years, from now, this week will be viewed as one of the most pivotal in American history.  The seismic shifts of this huge, diverse country took hold. Within twenty-four hours, the Supreme Court blew up. On Thursday a courageous …..

President Obama has hit his stride and gotten on a roll in the twilight of his presidency unlike any president in recent memory. His tone on race relations has shifted considerably from his first term. Then it seemed he was …..

It just seems so obvious to most everyone outside South Carolina. The Confederate flag has absolutely no place being officially flown at the state capitol. In most basic terms, last I checked, the Confederacy lost the Civil War in the …..

What does bringing back Brian Williams to MSNBC say about the importance placed on journalism at NBC? Basically, that it’s really not all that important…that maybe it’s never been about journalism when it comes to corporate profit. Last I checked, MSNBC …..

God, it happened again. Some lost, demented, violent, amoral, evil soul decided to take the lives of innocents. If the loss of these innocent lives isn’t awful enough, these murders were perpetrated allegedly by a white man and took place …..

At the same time, Democrats seem finally to have taken on board something political scientists have been telling us for years: adopting “centrist” positions in an attempt to attract swing voters is a mug’s game, because such voters don’t exist. Most supposed …..

Jeb Bush possibly gave the finest speech of his life today in Miami as he announced his run for president. He was comfortable in his skin and he was energized. If you’re the Democrats, for a number of reasons, you …..