Ms Haley, tear down that flag

It just seems so obvious to most everyone outside South Carolina. The Confederate flag has absolutely no place being officially flown at the state capitol. In most basic terms, last I checked, the Confederacy lost the Civil War in the 19th century. If for some reason a South Carolinian longs for the flag that represents, in large part, the very wrong side of slavery, she or he can display it on her or his car, property, clothing or tattooed skin. No one is abridging this basic right. But for the state to officially sanction the flag flying at the capitol is an entirely different matter.

Beyond the legal absurdity of officially flying a vanquished party’s flag, there is the emotional absurdity. Imagine the state officially displaying some Nazi symbol in Skokie, Illinois because someone there longed for the bad old days? Again, as an individual, knock your sick self out displaying it on your personal property or being. But it’s not the state’s role to provide an official platform for it.

Simply as a human being, how can someone not understand what pain and fear it must produce within the spirit of blacks? This flag represents a failed government that enslaved, tortured and killed them. Mitt Romney got it right years ago and he got it right again today when he emphatically stated the flag should be removed because it symbolizes racial hatred. Meanwhile, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham said it was about who they are. No, Mr. Graham. You and some other whites in South Carolina might think it’s about who you are. But I’m taking a wild guess here that South Carolinian blacks, and many others, don’t have the same thought.



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