I recently spoke with a 50-something childless divorced woman, also without siblings, who has an extremely pragmatic approach to her later years. But more on this later. She is not a statistical aberration  According to the Sunrise Blog, 20 percent …..

The New York Times is a great paper, a great website. Possibly it is the greatest of both, though it is just so pretentious when their reporters and writers are mandated to call it The Times. But that’s another story …..

For months we’ve been waiting for him to formally throw his proverbial hat in the ring and today was day. Ohio Governor John Kasich announced his candidacy for President of the United States. But does he have any chance at being in contention for the nomination? Likely …..

I guess it’s fun to have extreme candidates grab their time in the spotlight. Better put, the media has to report and opine on something until the real campaign begins. Because some small sliver of the electorate becomes energized well before …..