A, O, Way to go Ohio?

For months we’ve been waiting for him to formally throw his proverbial hat in the ring and today was day. Ohio Governor John Kasich announced his candidacy for President of the United States. But does he have any chance at being in contention for the nomination?

Likely not. With his pro-immigration and pro-Obamacare stances, the far right of the party will not be in his corner during the primaries, in which it has a disproportionate impact. Kasich’s narrow path to victory would have to include a strong showing February in New Hampshire. Indeed, he continues to spend a great deal of time there where the GOP electorate tends to be difficult to predict.

But well before then we’ll know if Kasich has gotten any traction. If so, it will be due to his singular style. One would be hard pressed to think of any recent candidate like Kasich. He seems like a fairly unscripted, emotional and intuitive preacher who embraces those in need while also laying the law down to others about personal responsibility. He is a believer in redemption, in promise. His candidacy is from the heart. He speaks a very personal message.

Kasich also brings some street credibility to the race: O-H-I-O

It is the definitive swing state. And he crushed in his 2014 reelection for governor with close to 65% of the vote, doing well with usual Democrat constituencies of women, minorities and union members. Having Kasich on the ticket would likely be a huge help for Republican chances in the state.

The question most needed answering with Kasich? Will his personal, sometimes fiery manner make him seem less than presidential? Or will it be considered one of post-party leadership?

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