Tropical Storm Erika exposed how low the local south Florida news scene has sunk. As has always been the case, we were treated to the inane chatter of news anchors and reporters who largely had nothing to say.  By Friday afternoon, it …..

It is safe to say that abortion is one of the most complex, most emotional issues in this country. Most Americans take a middle ground. There are relatively few absolutists who are always pro-choice or always pro-life. (I use these …..

Dear Mr. Kasich: I am very impressed with your stands that are in contrast with the far right wing of your party…think pro-immigration and accepting of Medicaid funding for the least fortunate among us at the top of the list. But …..

It’s a somewhat out of body experience to watch plunging numbers on a screen, seemingly out in control in free fall, and realize over a trillion dollars in value is being destroyed. At least for the time being. Early on Friday …..

Various Republican leaders and spokespersons continue stating the fallacy that their party has a deep bench of presidential candidates. Please! You have: 1)  A failed CEO. 2) A governor from the 2012 campaign who was intellectually challenged then who is …..

The news for him was not good . But his life has been exceptional. Former President Jimmy Carter, 90, has cancer that has spread to his brain. He begins radiation treatment today. It would not be wise to bet against this most physically and intellectually sprightly of …..

After the financial Armageddon, big banks were skewered and continue to be ranked in popularity about as high as used car salesmen and realtors. But where’s the outrage with colleges? With rampant unemployment, huge drops in real estate value and stagnant wages, …..