GOP: You have no deep bench

Various Republican leaders and spokespersons continue stating the fallacy that their party has a deep bench of presidential candidates. Please!

You have: 1)  A failed CEO. 2) A governor from the 2012 campaign who was intellectually challenged then who is in the 2016 campaign…intellectually challenged. 3) An extreme governor from the Bayou who is statistically non-existent. 4) A former governor from a Democratic state that, again, is statistically non-existent. 5) A one-time darling “courageous” governor of the overheated right who wouldn’t admit to the validity of evolution. 6) Yet another governor whose biggest claim to fame in response to his state’s financial implosion is…you should have seen it before I got here! 7) A doctor with no experience. 8) The 2015 version of Joe McCarthy, from the Lone Star State. 9) The governor of Virginia…in 2002! Wow!!! 10) A failed 2012 candidate who didn’t do much better as a talk show host. 11) Another failed 2012 candidate against powerhouse Mitt Romney, though the Mittster is starting to look pretty good compared to this “deep bench”. 12) A crazy who is the son of another crazy. 13) Lindsey “I ain’t got a chance, but I’m quick-witted” Graham. And 14) I refuse to name him.

Now, here are the three who actually are truly contending for the highest office in the land. Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio. Because Hillary is increasingly weak, each has a shot to win in 2016. She might become so weak any of the three could win.

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