Risk vs Reward: Drones

Just how many stories are we going to read of near misses with aircraft before drastic measures are taken with regulating drones?

Who will be the first sacrificial group of flyers to have their lives ended so some realtor or hobbyist (or how about a terrorist?) on the ground can fly his/her drone basically unfettered?

If some realtor decides a drone can provide an exciting visual experience for a prospective buyer, up goes the drone. If this drone is flown into restricted air space, flies into a jet’s engine and has that jet plummet to the ground, a fine from the FAA awaits. A fine!

The illegal use of a drone should be a felony. The stakes are too high. Frankly, the risk of these “innocent” accidents and providing terrorists yet another tool to kill innocents, strikes me as so much greater than the rewards. Aren’t most of the rewards about making more money? Is that really a good enough reason to put the flying public at risk?



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