New York Times disingenuous on abortion

It is safe to say that abortion is one of the most complex, most emotional issues in this country. Most Americans take a middle ground. There are relatively few absolutists who are always pro-choice or always pro-life. (I use these terms because this is how each group wants to be referred to.) Most people are pro-choice in the earlier stages of fetal development. Most people feel abortion should be limited in the latter stages, when the fetus, unborn baby — you choose the term — can feel pain and/or be viable. And, yes, there is gray area on exactly when this is the case.

But reading editorials of the New York Times one never reads anything nuanced about abortion. The editorial writers are absolutists casting themselves as mainstream. “…a majority of Americans, who support a woman’s right to choose.” A Pew survey is linked, which doesn’t mirror this statement.

In the Pew Survey, an extremely low percentage favor abortion in any and all circumstances and an extremely low percentage favor prohibiting abortion in any and all circumstances. Exactly how does this fact translate into the editorial slant of the New York Times?


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