Erika and the news

Tropical Storm Erika exposed how low the local south Florida news scene has sunk. As has always been the case, we were treated to the inane chatter of news anchors and reporters who largely had nothing to say.  By Friday afternoon, it was becoming pretty apparent that few felt Erika was going to be all that threatening, much less a hurricane. But, of course, that didn’t stop the producers to send it out to some hapless reporter at a Publix trying to rev up some drama. But none was to be had, dammit! This didn’t stop the reporter admonishing us all to “be prepared”, who then sent it back to the studio so the anchors could reinforce how much we needed to — take a wild guess — be prepared.

But the saddest part of the coverage were the “papers”, the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel. As the 5 a.m. National Hurricane Center advisory on Saturday was released, showing that now all of south Florida was outside the dreaded cone, neither paper/website had even reported the 2 a.m. advisory. They were both stuck back on Friday and a considerably different story than the real one, the current one.

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