I’ve always wondered how true believers can be so sure, as I envy the ones whose faith brings peace and openness of heart. I’ve also wondered how atheists can be so sure there is no God. And when I refer …..

Even though I was harshly critical of Brian Williams in the early and denial stages of his journalistic transgressions, there was no joy in seeing his fall. Frankly, it was sad and I felt badly for him as he exited …..

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has just dropped out of the race. He said it was because he wanted to lead by leaving, to make it possible for a consensus candidate with a hopeful message to overtake Donald Trump. Walker never …..

The Cubbies! Who’da thunk it? They’re manhandling the Cardinals and the Cardinals don’t like it, sorta. Cubs pitcher Dan Haren hit the Cardinals’ Matt Holliday in the head with a pitch on Friday. It certainly seemed accidental. But later in the …..

Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. It is difficult not to be moved by Pope Francis. His spirit of acceptance and humility has touched hardened and damaged hearts. And he …..

The Republican debate. CNN.

I’m not very enamored with the Iran deal. It is almost too much to accept emotionally when you think of Iran imprisoning  Americans, wanting Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth and sponsoring terrorists who kill Americans and …..

This was going to be a story about one of those rare individuals you should listen to when it comes to the markets. There is Warren Buffet and, well, there is Warren Buffet. (And note, Warren Buffet pretty much says …..

Presidential candidates should probably never talk foreign policy. Candidates speak in soundbites and foreign policy is simply too complex. Likewise, it’s easy to talk before you’re sitting in the Oval Office having to make life and death decisions. Campaign rhetoric …..