What can Iran do with the bomb?

I’m not very enamored with the Iran deal. It is almost too much to accept emotionally when you think of Iran imprisoning  Americans, wanting Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth and sponsoring terrorists who kill Americans and allies. But if you’re not going to go to war over these, the only other option is to negotiate. And Iranians knew Obama was never going to go to war. This effectively eliminated the definitive chip in the diplomatic poker game. What do you think Iran would have done if the roles were reversed? Pretty easy to answer that one.

All of this said, exactly what do the critics of Obama’s strategy think Iran is going to do with a nuclear bomb? Israel and the United States are not going to be threatened by the bomb. Think about it. Even in the unlikely event of an Iranian bomb getting through the Israeli and American defenses, Iran would soon be destroyed by a nuclear onslaught from the two that would make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like a walk in the park. Even the North Korean crazy man isn’t crazy enough to actually pull the trigger.

In the end the biggest threat with Iran having the bomb is that it might act as a catalyst for neighboring countries to get one as well. Common sense tells us that the more bombs out there, the greater the possibility of their use, either by design or by accident.

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