Them fightin’ words

The Cubbies! Who’da thunk it?

They’re manhandling the Cardinals and the Cardinals don’t like it, sorta.

Cubs pitcher Dan Haren hit the Cardinals’ Matt Holliday in the head with a pitch on Friday. It certainly seemed accidental. But later in the game Cardinals’ pitcher Matt Belisle supposedly hit Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs in what had to be the all-time worst beanball ever. Why? Look at the video. It was low and either didn’t even hit Rizzo or it grazed a loose thread on his uniform. Even Rizzo, initially agitated, must have quickly realized he had just gotten a gift…first base with no pain. I mean, how does a tough guy get mad at a hit thread? A possibly phantom hit thread at that.

But these big league managers get paid for something. So Cubs skipper Joe Maddon had to be indignant about the Cardinals’ tactics in the post-game Q & A. Very psychological. Special strategy to motivate his team.

“I don’t know who put out the hit. I don’t know if Tony Soprano was in the dugout, but I didn’t see him in there. But we’re not going to put up with that.”

And he might have gone on to say:

“Listen, that ball might have left some stain and these uniforms are damned expensive to clean. Damned expensive, I tell you. And let’s say that ball doesn’t miss Rizzo, I mean, doesn’t nick his uniform, that the ball actually hits Rizzo on the back of the leg. You know what happens then? He gets a boo-boo. A boo-boo, I tell you.”

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