Our better angels

I’ve always wondered how true believers can be so sure, as I envy the ones whose faith brings peace and openness of heart. I’ve also wondered how atheists can be so sure there is no God. And when I refer to God, I refer to a transcendent spirit that is somehow both from within us and from outside of us.

But whatever your beliefs, or lack thereof, we are witnessing a truly holy man within our midst. His love brings such joy, such comfort. He embodies the sacredness of life. He reminds us that stripped of all periphery we embody the sacred as well…if we allow it.

In a world that seems out of control not just in terms of the most horrific violence but also the coarsening of so many gifts that make us human, Francis appears. With a smile and a touch. Genuine. Deep. Uncontrived. Loving. For at least a moment, we are stripped of the world and filled with the spirit. You all can decide what this spirit is. But it is as real, more real, than any empirical fact has been or will ever be in this data-driven world.

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