I wrote yesterday about the ridiculous editorial by the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale that called for Senator Marco Rubio to resign due to his missing so many votes. It was a gotcha piece that lacked any credibility from an …..

There has been a lot of breathless punditry about the “success” of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, as if there were real substance to their campaigns. But the inevitable has begun. First, Trump has lost his lead in Iowa and …..

….although, having been a Florida resident when Jeb was governor of the state, I’m not so sure that Jeb! isn’t just plain ol’ Jeb. (In response to the Jeb Bush campaign putting out word today that Jeb, at the age …..

It has been increasingly difficult through the years to have much trust in Hillary. There is a moment here and there when she actually seems authentic. But there are more times when she is unbelievably politically expedient. And I do …..

It has been over a decade since the winner of the Iowa Republican caucuses went on to get the nomination. The year was 2004 and George W. Bush was running unopposed. The Who’s Not Who of GOP candidates has won …..

Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is brilliant. I’m not sure how correct he is all the time. But he writes that he pretty much always is so who am I to question? But question I must, if …..

Many interviews with writers or musicians tend to lean toward faux depth or the cliched. Sometimes this is because the artist himself or herself simply isn’t all that fascinating. And sometimes it’s because the interviewer decides, for whatever reason, to …..