Well, peace may not be the right term for a sliver of a demise for mindless consumerism. Still, could it be that some sanity is coming to the marketplace? From a marketing perspective, Black Friday peaked years ago. Now, all Black Friday (and its accompanying Thanksgiving day) …..

At this juncture, we’re still not sure if the Republican Party is going to be a serious party or a reality tv show. But let’s say the party gets its act together and nominates either Jeb, Marco or Kasich, thus …..

It’s interesting, in a disheartening type of way, that those who back the tv brand/bankruptcy expert say they like him because he tells it like it is. In reality — true reality, not that of the scripted, contrived type, where …..

Fear is a powerful emotion. But if you’re an elected official, you need to transcend fear and lead. It should, but doesn’t, go without saying that fear should never be used by a politician as a tool to manipulate. But …..