Catching a certain Republican candidate bloviating specious arguments has been like shooting fish in a barrel. And it hasn’t been that much more difficult to do the same with most of the other Republican candidates. They are catering to an …..


I was a baseball-fanatic kid. I’d play pick-up games in the neighborhood for hours on end. After dinner, my Dad would throw endless groundballs to me in our backyard. When I was in Little League, I loved going to practice. …..

In 2012 some polls and some very astute political operatives predicted Romney was going to be our next president. Not quite. In the immortal baseball spirit of Bob Ueckerjust a bit beaten, by 5,000,000 in the popular vote and 126 electoral votes. How did so …..

As real estate has come back in much of the country, though not to the lofty bubble-like prices a decade ago, the high-end condo markets in New York and south Florida have reached new peaks. Wondering if this could indeed …..

I’ve been a Bank of America customer for many years and received an offer from them the other day. The offer seemed good. Transfer a balance from a credit card to their credit and receive a 0% interest rate for …..